Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck.
Your profession is what you were put on earth to do?
With such passion and such intensity that it becomes
spiritual in calling."~Vincent Van Gogh

What you will see on these pages is my profession, my passions, in essence, my life.

To the Den of
Greywolf Borealis
AKA Thomas Mac Krell

Have a look around, if you see something you like,
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Updated 02/19/2013
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I am a vagabond. I travel where the four winds and the circle of East, South, West and North will carry me.

"If we stay too long in one place, we will become immobile, stagnant, fixed, and unable to participate in our freedoms."

"The cost of war has never been accurately calculated, for it is too expensive after the first death."

Those are just a couple of my thoughts on life.
More of my Thoughts on Life can be found on my online journal.
You are welcome there just as you are welcome here.

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Self-portrait on Crescent Rock, Shenandoah, September 2012
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All photography by Thomas Mac Krell, except where noted, and some home photography, in which I appear, done by family members. Some older photos of myself were taken by fellow travelers along the road, while more recent ones, since 2007, are self-portraits taken through the use of a tripod. (Some wildlife photographs are courtesy of Defenders of Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Service, or as credited.)

Music is "Dunbar's Theme"
from Dances With Wolves

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"Poetry begins with joy and ends with wisdom"
~ Robert Frost, American Poet Laureate