around the world in 63 days

UPDATED 04/01/2007
One Orbit completed.
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While technically not an orbit, it was a trip around the world and covered 24,734 miles of air and ground transportation. The orbit took me to the following countries: Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, The Ukraine, Russia, Korea, Japan, and in the United States, Hawaii and Minnesota.
The links to the photographs and comments for the places I visited are listed below the map.

The broken lines on this map represent the flights I took, and the solid lines represent travel by train or auto.
NOTE: the source of the map is the Office of Natural Resources, Canada. The copyright belongs to Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada.
My thanks to them for its use.

Links to the One Orbit Pages

  • Ireland

  • The Ring of Kerry

  • Cliffs of Moher and Connemara

  • Galway and Knock and Sligo

  • Dublin, Ireland

  • Northern Ireland

  • The Irish

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • Antwerpen, Belgium

  • Oostende, Belgium

  • Belgians

  • The Netherlands

  • The Hague, Netherlands

  • Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • The Dutch

  • Germany

  • Berlin Tour

  • The people of East Berlin

  • The Czech Republic

  • Prague

  • People of the Czech Republic

  • Austria (Vienna)

  • Austrians

  • Hungary

  • Budapest

  • Hungarians

  • Romania

  • Bucharest, Romania

  • Romanian Cultural Museum

  • Constanta, Romania

  • Romanians

  • The Ukraine (Kiev)

  • Ukrainians

  • Russia

  • Russians

  • St. Petersburg, Russia

  • The State Hermitage Museum

  • Moscow, Russia

  • The People of Moscow

  • The Kremlin, Moscow

  • Red Square and St. Basil's

  • Victory Park and Izmaliva

  • The Moscow Metro

  • The Siberian Express Day 1

  • The Siberian Express Day 2

  • The Siberian Express Day 3

  • The Siberian Express 4 & 5

  • The Siberian Express Day 6

  • People of the Train

  • Vladivostok, Russia

  • Artem, Russia

  • Korea and Japan

  • Hawaii

  • Wakiki Beach

  • Diamondhead

  • Kilauea Volcano

  • Hilo, Hawaii

  • The Arizona

  • Hawaiians

  • Hawaiian Islands

  • My Angels

  • Some Final Comments

  • It's an awfully big planet we live on and there are an awful lot of good, friendly people on it. People, who will go out of their way to give assistance to a perfect stranger.

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