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America the Beautiful

In 1993, when I had the opportunity to travel to Minnesota for a Convention, I started thinking seriously about seeing all 50 states. I had seen 26 of them during my seven years in the U. S. Army adn prior to that. The trip to Minnesota left me with only 23 states to go. So I started planning how to complete my tour of the United States.

First up was New England. Long before I even considered seeing all the states I had the idea that I'd like to tour the New England area. I had several friends from this area in high school and college, and their stories made me want to see for myself. So in 2001 I took the first of three motor tours of different sections of the United States. I travelled through eleven states, 7 of which were new to me. And took two side trips into Canada at Niagara Falls and Nova Scotia. This left me with 16 states to go. My Odyssey through NEW ENGLAND is here.

In 2002 I planned what up until then was the "trip of a lifetime". I needed states in the Midwest, Northwest, Southwest, and Alaska. So I scheduled a month for vacation and set out to see them all. All in all during that trip I travelled through 24 states, thirteen of which were new states for me. What I saw on that trip is beyond my ability to put it into words. My STATE TREK across the country is here. Upon completion of this trek, I was down to three states to go.

The vacation of 2003 was not nearly as epic in scale. Afterall, I only needed three more states, Arkansas, Louisianna, and Mississippi. Nevertheless, to get to them and back home I did travel through fifteen states. Consequently, I only took three weeks vacation. I spent a week in Florida visiting children and grandchildren, and I got to see my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Those activities are linked from the photos below.

The grand totals for these three vacations? Well, let's just say that the only states NOT visited were Hawaii, Texas, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. Forty-six states. Fifty-nine days on the road. 22,033 miles driven. Motels, campgrounds, rivers, lakes, parks, forests, woods, deserts, swamps, wetlands, canyons, glaciers, mountains, wildlife, flowers, hills, valleys, dams, lighthouses, bridges, bridges out, seashores and lakeshores, stadiums, ball parks, historical sites, battle grounds, capitols, big cities, uncounted Smalltowns, USA; the ghosts of Chief Joseph and Abraham Lincoln and of those who fought and gave their lives to preserve the freedoms we enjoy. And two oceans. I was fortunate enough to have "seen it all" these past three years. This country we live in has as much beauty and diversity as anyone could ever ask for, both in it's landscapes and in it's peoples. God bless America, the beautiful.

In 2004, I took a trip around the world as a retirement gift to myself. Photos and comments for that rip can be viwed at One Orbit is here.

Since 2004, I've been relatively quiet travelwise. The trips have been local and up and down the East Coast visiting my children and grandchildren. Photos from those trips can be VIEWED HERE andALSO HERE. In 2007, I have a mojor trip planned beginning in May and lasting for up to six months. I plan to drive across Canada and see all ten Provinces and a couple of the Territories. I'll then head into Alaska for a lengthy visit and exploration. Photos and commentary will follow.

Now take a look below and follow the links to my vacation of 2003.

Ohio 2003 Miami River valley

Route 66, Main Street, USA in Illinois

Me with the Chicago skyline

The Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field

Flower Clock in Frankfort, KY

Me at Mammoth Cave National Park,KY

The Grand Old Opry, Nashville, TN

At Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Hot Springs National Park


The train they call the city of New Orleans

Mississippi Capitol pinnacle

The Alabama Capitol building in Mongomery

Grandchildren Bryant, Catherine, Melissa, Daniel

Ocala National Forest

Everglades National Park

My Timeshare week

Surf's up!

Jetty Park and Bryant's party

Georgia on my mind Updated 05/22/05

The Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Cherokee Reservation and Wildlife

The Blue Ridge Parkway

Mount Davis and more

Allegheny National Forest/Kinzua Dam

West Virginia in the Fall

Music is "America, The Beautiful"

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