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"Artem [UrtyOm] Pronunciation Key, city (1989 pop. 69,000), Maritime Territory (Primorskiy Krai), Russian Far East. It is a coal-mining center and has an important thermoelectric station that utilizes local coal deposits."
That is all it says about Artem in any of the online encyclopedias, I could find. But it's more than that, it's home to the international airport that services Vladivostok, it has a University of Finance and Law, it has great scenic views, and it's home to my friend, Helga.

While the hotel greeted me with this warning, the city greeted me with this view of the magnificent mountains of Primorskiy. I suppose the penalty would be death a few years ago, but a fine and severe chastising are more likely now.

The sunset from the airport parking lot

An apartment complex in soviet fashion

The "in town" hotel

Yep, it says "Fast Photo" (even in Russia)

An Artem school

Artem wolf pack
Flowers still in bloom

On the left is the source of the city's water supply. There has been a drought in the area for a few years and the level is really low. The retaining dam is breached to compound the problem. Some seasons there is no hot water for the city and heat and power are iffy. The gull on the right doesn't seem to mind, though.

Me and my Mig-25 Fighter

Great Patriotic War Memorial

A tank to remember the war. I think, the tank on the back of the tank is where the vodka is kept. Speaking of vodka, I was suffering a terrible flu-like cold while there, well for about three weeks, since St. Petersburg, and Helga kept telling me, I needed hot vodka with pepper. Let's just say vodka is not my drink of choice.
On the right is a church being restored.

On our little hike up the mountain, we would end up on top of that hill in the left center. On the right is an old well.

This is from about half way up

An old machine gun "pillbox"

These photos show the view we had of Artem from atop the mountain. Helga said, she'd never been there before. A frist for both of us. Artem is in a valley between two mountain ridges, and these photos don't do the view justice.

These four photos are of the next ridge over from where we were. The fall colors were very brilliant.



As we walked along the ridge line, Helga saw a spot that appeared to go part way down the other side of the ridge and come back up in a semicircle. So we started down. Well the path didn't circle back up, and we would have been down on the other side of the mountain, if we continued. That would have meant climbing back up or walking around, which would have taken hours. So she led me through the weeds seen in the photo on the left. It was up to my chest, and over her shoulders. Some tour guide, eh? lol
In the right photo, once again, the top of that ridge is where we climbed to from about half way back down.

While walking along the ridge we spotted this shrine off in the distance. I asked what it was, but Helga didn't know. She said, we could go see. Well, it was miles away. I said, we should eat first. She said, we should eat or. She didn't have time for both. This was the first time in three days, that we realized we were running out of time. So looking at a shrine off in the distance we knew, this was our last day.

The Hotel Venice, where I stayed

Knevichi airport, which services Vladivostok

The international terminal from which I flew out of Russia. The other building is the VIP terminal and Air Traffic Control Center. It's very highly secured, and you have to have a special pass to enter.

Some roses still in bloom

One rose I found beautiful

Music is "The Final Tableau"
by Igor Stravinsky

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