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Vienna, Austria, city of music. I took a combination walking/bus tour of the city. Vienna is simply beautiful with the old city on one bank of the Danube and the modern buildings on the other.
There's a park and monument for each composer, who called Vienna home at one time or another. Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Strauss, Mozart, and countless others are memorialized here. There is a "walk of fame" like the one in Hollywood with stars dedicated to famous classical musicians and composers of the world. Igor Stravinsky's staar is shown below.
Then there's Saint Stephan's Cathedral (Stephansdom), one of the most famous and oft-painted churches in the world. It's undergoing a cleaning at present. Stephansdom sustained severe damage during WWII, but the restoration can barely be detected. Below you can see a portion of the stones that have been cleaned. Throughout Europe many of the old churches were being cleaned and restored to their former glory.
The ferris wheel is a remnant of the World's Fair held here and each car holds 30 people.

Karlskirke in Karlsplatz

A Mother and child statue in Karlsplatz

There are two of these, the other is a restaurant

The dome on Karlskirke

The French Embassy (couldn't find mine)

The Vienna Opera House

The obelisk at the Russian Monument

A closer look at the Karlskirke dome

Johannes Brahms

The Russian Liberation Memorial

The Stars Walk of Fame

The main entrance to Stephansdom

Stephansdom (St. Stephan's Cathedral)

A detail
Stephansdom is an island of Gothic magnificence in a sea of Baroque and 19th Century architecture. The roof, an work of art in itself, a mosaic of colored tiles.

The belltower 450 ft tall (136.4 m)

The stones after cleaning

A model of the Cathedral

As close as I could come to getting it all in

From the opposite side from the above photo

Schmetterlinghaus, The Butterfly House

The Vienna World's Fair ferris wheel

I think, the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi

The tower is the Vienna communications tower. The two round structures are revolving restaurants. Below them is an observation platform, from which you can bungeejump, if you like. NOT ME!
On the right is the front entrance to Hofberg Palace.

Hey! Get your bungee jumping tickets here!

Looking down the Danube River

A lighthouse on the Danube

The "Modern" side of Vienna

Modern tall buildings

Church or liberty bell at Palace

Both of these statues are memorials to

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This one is Goethe

Another view of the Palace

The Gate Arch

The main entrance facade of the Hofberg Palace

And the Palace from the side

The Vienna City Hall

Another church

The Palace Dome

Inside the Palace Dome

Another outside view

This is another building in the Palace compound. Notice the two gold balls on the top. They represent the world. On the right it's being supported by a female figure, who is holding it up calmly. While on the left Atlas is struggling against the weight. In the right photo is a close up of the chariot. If like so many others in Europe, it would be Apollo in the chariot.

While her maidens flex their muscles

The gilded fence

A memorial for the victims of

the Holocaust

These are a couple of the many fountains in Vienna. Who is represented here, I've no idea, but it looks like somebody being cast into hell on the left. In the middle it could be the same woman after the job was done. She was dressed the same. On the right a memorial to motherhood

Karlsplatz at night

Looking down the street to my hotel

The main street going to the train station

It was a wild Saturday night

Music is "The Blue Danube Waltz"
by Johann Strauss

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