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Constanta is a port on the Black Sea. Is has beautiful beaches and dates back to when the Greeks were settling on the shores of the Black Sea to facilitate trade. The original name of the site was Tomis.
I saw many remnants of broken columns and pedestals throughtout the city. Constanta is the first city where I found timers on the crossing signals to discourage people from going at will. And the photo next to the traffic signal is chestnuts, which I only found here. We used to crack them open on the way to school when I was young. Constanta has many fabulous churches and a Tomis Avenue, which was named for the old city, not me. And the water of the Black Sea is as blue as it appears below.
Of course, I had an incident here. I took the bus back to the rail station to put my backpack in a locker and when I took the same bus back it took me to the end of the line and not where I got on originally. I had to walk for about an hour and a half to get my bearings again. There were many times when I thanked God for my experience in the Army. It helped me keep my sense of direction.

Constanta train station

Part of the skyline

Train car washer

This park is near a large sports arena

One of many parks I found

Ruins from the ancient Tomis

Some of the Greek columns

It's like an outdoor museum

Giant wine or water jugs

In a park

Reading poetry to his love

A discus thrower

I have no idea what this one's about. Too many legs for the bodies, and too many bodies for the head.
It was laundry day in Constanta.

A fountain flanked by two churches.

Another church

"Let sleeping dogs lie."

Chestnuts lying in the sand

Eleven seconds until walk

Tomis Boulevard

Looking down Tomis Boulevard

The Mall is only 2K away

The Black Sea

Sandy beaches

And the port

Looking north along the coast

Using jetties to slow the erosion

Ships on the Black Sea

And a tanker

Constanta sits on a bluff above the sea

A map of the coastal area of Romania

2500 died to take the city from the Greeks

Flower shops abound

Heaven Club and Lounge. I wonder, what goes on in there? The sun sets on Constanta as I head back to Bucharest.

Music is "Oreges Csardas"
Dances of Lorincreve

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