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"A century after Hawaiians lost their kingdom and much of their culture, a new generation is discovering its roots, and some of them want their islands back.
Kaiopua Fyfe, an organizer of the Hawaiian Independence Movement, who lives on the island of Kauai, said many Hawaiians consider the United States' governance of Hawaii to be an illegal occupation of a country, and would compare it to the British Empire's colonization of India and the current American presence in Iraq.
A group of U.S. businessmen and sugar planters forced the abdication of the last Hawaiian queen, Queen Liliuokalani, in 1893. Five years later Hawaii was annexed to the United States as a territory, and in 1959 it became the nation's 50th state.
In recent years, the state has seen a growing push for independence or greater autonomy from Washington, D.C. Advocates of independence say that since American annexation, Hawaiians, like the Native Americans with whom they share close ties, have had little control over their own land.
Much of the controversy has centered on a bill before Congress introduced by Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, that would recognize native Hawaiians as a native population. Supporters of the bill say it builds upon a past apology for the U.S. overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, while opponents say it would undermine efforts to establish true sovereignty.
Fyfe and other Hawaiians insist that Hawaii has suffered as the U.S. military and land developers have sought to control the land. Pineapple and sugar plantations, long the island's core industries, also have declined as companies have moved to Third World countries with cheaper labor practices.
"Everything we have has to be imported in," said Imaikakoloaenui Nauha, who lives in Modesto but was born and raised in Honolulu. "Hawaii is one of the richest states, yet it's the poorest because of the state that America has left us in."
He said Hawaii, which as an independent country had treaties with 29 countries, 96 consulates, and a trust fund set up for native Hawaiians, was able to support itself long before becoming part of the United States."

Arriving home or for a visit, everyone is relaxed.

Waikiki Beach is a popular "unwinding" spot.





Surfing or

Lazing around in a park

Or you could have brunch on the beach, and enjoy the entertainment

No grass skirt, but a real Hula Girl

Elvis impersonator in the making

Or you could get married.

Another wedding

All buses have ramps for disabled

A helicopter tour ending

They seem to have enjoyed the flight

These were my tour mates from Germany

A man and his kayak

Launching his outrigger canoe

And heading for the ocean

Diving from an old bridge

A lone walker contemplates the ocean at dusk
"HAWAII HAS BEEN invaded three times in the past 100 years: By the Japanese at Pearl Harbor in 1941, by tourists in the 1920s -- and in 1893 by American businessmen, who overthrew Queen Liliuokalani and forced an illegal territorial annexation to the United States.

We bet you only knew about the first two.
When you arrive in Hawai'i, sporting your authentic reproduction Hawaiian shirt, women in grass skirts will toss plastic leis over your head at the airport. Ersatz 'Hawaiian music' will ooze in from somewhere. But remember, this is a sham. Behind these smiling Hawaiian faces is a people whose country was taken away from them by a group of greedy businessmen 105 years ago. A people whose real culture is barely visible to the tourists. But this is the last thing your tour guide wants you to think about as you're whisked to your ultramodern Japanese-owned luxury hotel.
Here, have another Mai Tai, brah.
The Hawaiian people are lobbying hard to get their land back, which is now almost wholly owned by the Japanese and non-Hawaiian Americans. Native Hawaiians are finally coming to grips with the negative cumulative impact that colonization, World War II and commercial exploitation has had on their country and culture. Now, 100 years later, they're asking for sovereignty. President Clinton made a formal apology to the Hawaiians in 1993 for the shameful events of 1893 and 1898. But we seriously doubt that America will ever concede the state back to its people. Heck, we'd have to give back the rest of the country for the same reasons. . ."

SOURCE: How The Hawaiians Lost Their Country by Rusty DeSoto. For more information you can read the whole article CLICK HERE.

Music is "Hawaiian War Chant"

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