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Just when I had gotten used to one country's customs and rules, I found myself in a new country. Hungary was no exception. It's another beautiful country with rolling hills and mountains and beautiful rivers. By this time I had begun to feel the rigors of a whirlwind race through Europe. I was thinking about Moscow, where I would spend a couple of weeks resting up. But then I still had miles to go before I slept. Take a look at Hungary

Some farm houses

These were in a small town we passed through

This reminded me of the Smokey Mountains

For the most part it was very clear

The river is just before the hill with dark trees

Another photo from a small town

More hills and valleys

And more houses

Clear skies

Green forests

The Budapest train station

A park with hundreds of trees

Budapest through a tree

Some of Hungary is a plain

And some is hills and mountains

Then there's the "wildlife"

St. Michael and the dragon on a bridge

Tour boats on the Danube

Bridges over the Danube

I think we crossed it 4 times

From the center of a bridge

From the other side

Silhouettes against blue skies

And against the sun

Music is "Hungarian Rhapsody
by Franz Liszt"

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