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~The People of~

The People of Russia has to have three pages. I've spilt them up this way: The People of Moscow (this page), The people of the Siberian Express, which is actually the Trans-Russian Railway, and the People of Russia, which includes all photos not included in the other two pages. Got that?
Wherever you find them, the people of Moscow are much like the people anywhere else on this planet. They play the same, they laugh the same, they cry the same. Politics aside they are much like all the other people of the world. Take a look.

Their escalators are a bit longer than I'm accustomed to. These are in the Belaruskaya Metro station.

Walking Moscow streets

Getting ready for Spring in Gorski Park

Making out in Gorski Park

Delivering flowers
The guy with the flowers is holding them up for my benefit. I was going to take a candid, but when he saw my cam, he lifted them up, and when I got it, he gave me a "thumbs up".

Getting married

You may kiss the bride

Guarding the tomb of their Unknown Soldier.

Gathering in Red Square

I have no idea what this guy was protesting, but he was very vocal about it, and would give his opinion to anyone willing to listen. He'd point at his placard and rant for several minutes.


Of the three guys in the left photo the one on the left with the big axe went through great pains to turn from my camera when I tried to get this photo. Perhaps he's wanted. lol In the right photo the guy walking away was asking for directions or something. He's not going to be arrested. I think.

Sweeping streets

And sweeping leaves
When the street sweeper approaches, you had better clear the way as these people are doing. The guy on the right is literally sweeping leaves. They don't use rakes, but big brooms.

Conducting tours

Shopping underground
The guy in the red jacket is Danila Petrov, Daniel Peters, I would think. He was my tour guide for the Kremlin. The couple with him are my co-tourists from Finland. The other photo is a mall like shopping center, which is under the street intersection in a crosswalkway.

Moseying in front of a restoration

Did I mention getting married?

Relaxing in the park near Red Square

Checking lunch
The woman on the right was a Russian tourist visiting some relatives. She spoke some English and asked me to photograph her with her camera. That happens frequently, when I travel. When you see someone with a decent camera, you think, they know, what they are doing with it. Anyway, I had to get a shot for me. She actually just put her camera in the bag.

I encountered lots of school field trips on my trip

Two women signing (the universal language)


I encountered these same two policepersons on my first visit to Red Square, and the man tried to run me over with his horse. Actually he was giving me an action pose. However, those photos went into cyberspace somewhere. That's one reason I had to go back to the Kremlin several times. The photo on the right? Well, I saw too much of this. On the way back to Carol's apartment one night, I saw two guys literally eating supper out of a dumpster. The sins of inequity in this world are universal.


A tourist photographing locals, and being photographed by me. Notice that the trainer holds the bread to the side of his face. That's so he doesn't lose his nose when the bear takes it.

Shopping for treasure


More shoppers at Izmaliva

Soldiers at Victory Park

Tourists at Victory Park

Guarding the public toilets

Parts of the Moscow Metro System. It is the busiest underground railway in the world, recording about 9 million passenger rides per day (nearly the cities population) compared with 8 million for Tokyo and 3 million for London.

Offering a bribe

Raising the ante

Getting towed anyway

Reading a book amongst the dolls

Then there's this guy. Call him Rasputin

Music is "Russian Dance (Trepack)"
from the Nutcracker Suite
by Tchaikovsky

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