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~Northern Ireland~

The major differences between North and South I detected were: THe Republic is not afraid of color. The buildings up north lacked the vivid colors of the Republic. Also the stone walls so prevalent down south were nearly non-existant up north. The countryside was beautiful in both. There is no longer a border as such. In fact the only way I knew I passed from one to the other was the sole use of English up north, while all signs in the Republic are in English and Gaelic, which is the official language of Ireland. The language was nearly lost and is now taught in schools as the primary language. These photos come from Belfast, Downpatrick and the area around Dundalk and New Castle.

The rolling mountains of Northern Ireland

St Michaels Catholic Church in Enniskillen
St Michael's Roman Catholic Church. Built between 1870-75, this large French Gothic Revival church was designed by John O'Neill one of the most distinguished Catholic architects working in the north of Ireland in the 19th Century . The main spire planned by the architect was finished in 1992. St Macartains Cathedral, Church of Ireland is located across the street.
St. Macartin's Church of Ireland Cathedral and Graveyard. Set against the 1637 tower of an earlier church built in 1620s the present building, designed by Thomas Elliott and opened in1842, is characteristic of early Victorian architecture. In 1923 it was promoted to cathedral status of the diocese of Clogher.
Photos of both are below along with a Belfast church with an interesting belltower.

St. Michaels

St Macartains

Very interesting design

Enniskillen street

Mountains of County Down


Capitol of Northern Ireland

Belfast Grand Opera House

This is a college, I think

Belfast City Hall

And some other grand old buildings




Overlooking Newcastle

Yet another Irish cathedral

Dundrum Bay

The B&B signs I had to look for

The view from my B&B

Cows belonging to my Hostess

Another view of Dundrum Bay

A church in Newcastle


The Down Cathedral

Downpatrick from Down Cathedral

Celtic cross at Down Cathedral

St. Patrick's grave

A bird near St. Patrick's Center

I did find some rock walls in the north

Wanna make a bet

One more Cathedral

Leaving Downpatrick

Leaving County Down

Music is "Londonderry Aire"

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