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Romanians are amongst the friendliest people I encountered on my trip. And I had fun with these photos. heheheheheh

I saw a lot of this activity

Relaxing (or sleeping) in the park

Buying flowers


On the train

On the phone

Admiring the church

Sisters talking

Minding the museum

White horse to town, brown horse back home

At the vegetable market

More relaxing in a park

Walking in the park

Lovers in the park

Lovers posing in the park

Enjoying the sun and beach

Serving people

Riding the bus

Waiting for busses

Just waiting

Waiting for a train

"Mama, wait 'til you see what I bought."

Reading and waiting

"Should I light her cigarette, or should I not?"

Holding the new baby

Kissing goodbye

Girl contemplates an apple

"Look, I'm in a hurry here!"

"So, what's the hurry?"

"Well, I'd better get going too."

"Brrrrr" (It really wasn't cold)

Walking with daughter

Striding out

"Excuse me, could we get this train moving?"

"Let me have some of your pizza."

After dinner break

Sharing life's experiences

"Yes, Mama, we'll be home by seven."

"Let's see, this lever makes it go forward. . ."

"Madeline, you can't sit there all night!"

"The first thing we do, is SHOP!"

"I told Mama, we'd be home by nine."

"Let's race, Mama."

"This IS my best Michael Jackson imitation!"

"For you, only 2 million Lei." ($65.00)

Wagon train

More life's experiences

Now, what do you think he's looking at?

"I tell ya, we're gonna be late!"

"Hey, you guys, stay on the road!"

"I told you not to drink that last one."

These horses will eat all the hay before he gets it loaded

"Stay just like that, and I'll kick YOUR butt."

Music is "Music is "Mezokolpenyi Forgatos es Friss"
Dances of Marosszek

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