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The Village and Folk Art Museum

Now this was one of the most interesting parts of my trip. The houses you will see here were disassembled in various regions of Romania, brought here, and reassembled in the museum. They date back to the ninth century. It's like a time warp. Come with me back in time.

Walking into another time

The Administration building

This wine barrel is about 6 feet high

An old steam engine

The first building we entered

Thatched roofs of cane or reed

Shingled roof on this one

A table and loom inside

The kitchen

More thatched roofs

The White House

Dining area

Sleeping area

The lower level is for storage and animals

Two churches of different periods flanking a Celtic cross. Celtic crosses appear throughout Romania. Their presence cannot be fully explained, but it's obvious that the Celts had an influence on the area at some point in time. The ones I saw had the group of three crosses like on Golgotha.

A living room area

One of the churches there

These are hand painted icons in the church above.

The worship area

A couple of the gates to the ancient towns

The original picket fence

A fence with topper to match the gate

Another fence example

Showing a construction method for the buildings

A porch with bench

Ceiling/roof construction

The Dutch weren't the only peoples to utilize windmills

These type buildings had the living quarters dug into the earth.

These are ornate doorways to one of the houses above. Notice the door on the right is the entry from outside, and the entry room before the door on the left.

An old horse or ox drawn produce wagon.
There is a sharpening wheel on the right and a plow on the left.

Music is "Mezokolpenyi Forgatos es Friss"
Dances of Marosszek

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