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~People of Russia~

This it one of three pages containing photos of the people of Russia. It contains those photos taken in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Artem along with a couple of shots taken from the train from Kiev to Moscow.

Working a farm along the tracks

A railway crossing guard

Saint Petersburg

Visitors to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg

A class of cadets visits the Hermitage

Street performers there

The umbrella girl

Walking dogs in a St. Petersburg park

What will he do when it grows up?

Visitors to the Destroyer Aurora

Crossing a St. Petersburg bridge
We saw several newly married couples in St. Petersburg. It's a custom on the wedding day to go around to the landmarks and memorials and have photos taken.

Getting married in St. Petersburg

Getting married in St. Petersburg

Getting married in St. Petersburg

Offloading in Vladivostok


Admiral Greywolf

A park in Vladivostok

A woman takes notes at a memorial

On the train to Artem


A vegetable stand in Artem

Tending her cows in Artem

Two women and goats

Passing one man's castle

A woman looking cold waiting for a bus

Parachuting in Artem

Boarding the bus to the plane

Boarding the plane and Airport Security
I got a kick out of this. We left the air terminl and they led us about 30 feet or so to a bus, so they could drive us about 50 feet to the plane. Then they walked us single file another 30 feet to the plane. At the nose of the plane you can see the end of the terminal. The door we came out of is directly in front of the portable stairs. In fact the bus was parked directly between the door and the stairs. The driver just drove in a loop. It took all of 30 seconds. Security! Sheesh!

Music is "The Nutcracker Mini Overture"
by Tchaikovsky

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