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~The Trans Russian Railroad~

Day Two

I woke up to SNOW! I had enjoyed very nice weather for the majority of my trip. There was the rain in Ireland and St. Petersburg, and of course, in Moscow on a couple of days, but this was real weather. Snow! About six inches on the ground and still falling. Covering land, trees and buildings in a soft white blanket to keep them warm. We were now in Siberia. Look at the snow.

About nine or ten in the morning, it stopped. It's hard to judge the time as I was not sure of the time zone for most of this trip. All the train stations use Moscow time. So that's an approximation. An hour or two later it was a thin dusting of snow. See the photos below.

Then there was none

A Russian bus makes it's rounds

As we passed more villages

Dressed in Autumn colors

And another village

Then we approached Omsk

Omsk still displays the hammer and sickle. The time on that
clock shows Noon, which would be Moscow tima, hence it was
later in Omsk. As you can see by the photos below, Omsk is a
good sized city. Population 1,157,600 in 1999. The city is a
major commercial and industrial center of the steppe region
and is served by the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Below are a
couple of photos of Omsk as we headed down the track.



And another small village

Tatarskaya Station

A rather large cattle ranch

Barabinsk Station over another train
Barabinsk was the last daylight stop on Day Two. It was too cloudy to catch the sunset.

Music is "Hey, You, White Snows!"
by Rimskij-Korsakov

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