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Day Three

Siberia. It has a wide variety of terrain; plains, mountains, and even a marshy area.

Achinsk Station in early morning

I started seeing hills again

Some Russian houses along the tracks. I'm thinking the designers were one and the same.

You will notice that the deciduous trees, like these birch, have already shed their leaves in preparation for their winter dormancy. Cows in the meadow.

On the left is a water tower near a stop we made. Russia
seems to place the same amount of energy and creativity
into simple things like water towers as they do into their
churches and monuments. The simple round holding tank on
four legs just won't do here. The photo above is clear blue
skies over a wide valley.

A small pond next to a creek, which runs across the center of the photo. We were coming into evergreen country at this time.

Trees are one of Russia's most plentiful resources. That's the reason so many of the older buildings were constructed from wood. I'm not sure how well managed this resource is. I suppose I could google it, but then, so could you. heheheheh

A small river runs down the mountain

The dark spots in the field are haystacks

Jenisejskaya Mountains

Another of Russia's water towers

Another small river winds its way through the valley towards the city in the mountains. The village in the right photo is up on the mountain. Perhaps there is a flood hazard there.

A group of farms in the mountains

A great mesa under formidable storm clouds

Another village with its church

Ilanskaya Station, last daylight stop for Day three

Music is "Barcarolle"
by Rachmaninov

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