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Day Six

By the time I was taking the first few photos, I had almost exactly 24 more hours in this red and blue box. I was really getting anxious to see my friend in Vladivostok, and anxious to get out of this box permanently. I was very sick with a flu-like bug. I just wanted to take a hot shower and feel human again. They try to make you comfortable on these long trips, but it's not possible. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and, if I try to do it again, just shoot me. My thoughts are, that two nights and three days on a train would be my maximum in the future. But I wouldn't have missed this one time for the world.
I met friendly people, I met cranks, I met kindness, and I met some jerks. I saw weirdness, and I saw children trying to keep amused on a lengthy journey. I saw extravagance, and I saw supreme poverty. I saw large cities and I saw villages of perhaps a dozen families. I saw barren wilderness, and the world's largest lake. And I saw a lot of Russia that most tourists don't get a chance to see.

A great Plain of Siberia

Naked trees

Another of those big nests

And another

Archara Station

And a sort of run down park

A closer look at the park

The fence is in better shape than the park

And more mountains along the way


Umm, that would be me

Oblusje Station

Another mountain village (Bureinskij Mountains)


I saw a lot of controlled burns

Zhavarovsk Station

Another old farm house with a village behind

And night fell on the river

A lone boater at work

Vazemskij Station at night

Night falls over the plains

~The Home Stretch~

From Zhavarovsk it's a straight shot south to Vladivostok. Most of it was overnight, as they time the trains for certain areas like Lake Baikal. Why else would they start the trip at 10 PM?
Although the photos below are dated 10/11/04 they were taken the morning of 10/12/04. My camera wasn't able to do time zone changes without my help, and I completely forgot about that. In fact, due to all the times concerning the train were Moscow times, I didn't even change my watch until reaching Vladivostok.

Amursky Bay

A rock island in the bay

A lone boater fishing

And the coast heading to Vladivostok

This is the route the Trans-Siberian Railway takes in making it's way across Russia.

Music is "Act One Finale from Swan Lake"
by Tchaikovshy

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