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~The People of
The Siberian Express~

I met some very interesting people during my six and a half days in a red and blue metal box. And, as was my good fortune, a couple of angels appeared there too. Meet the people of the Trans-Russian Railroad both onboard and off.

There were farmers working their fields

And people waiting for rides

People tending their cows

And people coming from China

A passenger takes a photo

People coming and going

People sellimg their stuff

And buying flowers (it's a flower shop)

Walking under evening skies

The cutest guy on the train

I can't remember his name

But you can see what I mean

Veronika and Nadezhda (hope I spelled it right)

Margherita, my "Doktor"
Angels, all three. Veronika and her mother not only helped me with translation on the train, but they were there to help when I got to Vladivostok, and couldn't find my meeting point with my friend, Helga. When I was suffering from my coughing fits on the train, Margherita offered me some cough tablets. She wouldn't take anything for them, but asked for this photo. I hope she gets here to download it. Thank you, ladies, for all your help. (NOTE: I received an email from a friend of Margherita saying she did get the photo printed out)

"Mr. Pinkslippers" and Nikolai. The nickname for the guy on the left is obvious. He wore them everywhere. Nikolai is sleeping off a liter of Vodka, which he drank the first night. He didn't wake up until about three in the afternoon and started all over again.

The women with red collars were conductors on the train. The one on the right was in my car. She has to be an ex-KGB operative. There was no doubt that she was boss on the train.
The three soldiers on the right kept me company for about a day and a half as roommates. Left to right they are a Major, Lt. Colonel and Captain in the Russian Army. We had a good deal of fun with language lessons, but I'm sure, they will remember more than I. The Captain, in particular, was intrigued with my English/Russian dictionary.
It's people like these, who made my trip better than it might have been. Thank you.

Passengers in a "local"

Clean up time
The local or day trains are those travelling short (relatively) distances and not going overnight.
This conductor is cleaning the handrails. This was done every stop. If you look at the rails on the next car, you'll see why. A lot of dust, oil, and grime is attracted to the rail cars because of the static built up on electric trains.

Waiting for a train

Railside flea market

A lone traveler

Due to the weather dark colors were in

Coffee then a train to work or shopping

No matter where the rail time was Moscow time

Another lone traveler at Ilanskaya

I saw way too much of this

Going to work

A lone fisherman on Lake Baikal

Police were at every station

The guy in blue and white is ALexe
Alexe was Nikolai's drinking buddy. He's Russian, so he should know that the Theatre, photo shop and toilet are all to the left.

Inspecting the tracks

The next generation of Russian gymnast

Music is "Somewhere My Love"
Theme from Doctor Zhivago

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