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I almost didn't get into the Ukraine. You would think that when a visa is issued, that any important requirements be listed somewhere. Not so, all I recieved was my passport back with no instructions at all. So the information I was supposed to have was in my Yahoo email. So I did what everyone else does. I paid an "entry tax". In other words I bribed the border guard. Cost me about $22. The young girl looking out the window on the train (This photo has moved to the Ukrainians page. She's also on the Angels page.) came to my rescue and told the guard, if I had a visa, I should be admitted. That was when he came up with the entry tax idea.
That was only the beginning of my problems. I couldn't find an information booth, or anyone, who spoke English. They all said they spoke "a little" English, but what they meant is, that they UNDERSTOOD a little English, because whenever I asked a question, they started rattling off the Russian. My travelers checks and credit cards were worthless for exchange or purchase. I finally found an ATM and decided to have a go at that. It worked ,and now I had spendable cash. I was hungry and bought some food. It was then a little gypsy girl stole my prescription sunglasses out of my bag.
By this time I decided not to hang around the Ukraine any longer than I had to. I needed to email Carol in Moscow, but couldn't communicate my needs at the internet station either. Then another of God's angels appeared. A young Ukrainian woman, who attends Dartmouth University and spoke better English than I, asked, if I needed help. Boy, did I! She got me a computer connection and went back to heaven.
I emailed Carol in Moscow and purchased a ticket on the next train. I had a few hours so here are a few photos of Kiev, and some of the countryside taken on the train in.

My home for the trip to Kiev

Coffee, chocolate, a journal and pen
What more could a man ask for?

Ukrainian farm house

Wheels for the different guage tracks

The four photos above show the changing of the wheels and the jacks used to lift the cars. The difference in track width is seen by the two sets of rails under the car. The old wheels are detached from the car, then the car is lifted up about four or five feet and the old wheels rolled out while a new set is rolled under. The car is lowered and the new wheels atached.

Another farm

Has cows so I guess it's a ranch

A goose ranch?

Ukrainian sunset



Ukrainian sunrise

Caused by the sun rays in the smoke stacks

More of the countryside

Ukrainian houses

Most of their water comes from wells

Another home in the Ukraine

These people puzzled me for a long while. Throughout my training across Eastern Europe I saw people, mostly women standing by the tracks holding little sticks in their hand. Then when I saw this one in a little shelter, it dawned on me that they are crossing guards. She's hard to see, but she's wearing an orange vest and the stick is yellow. The other photo is The Kiev skyline.

More of the skyline

More of it

Many new modern buildings are in Kiev

From inside the train station

The main entrance to the new train station

Another side of the train station

One of Kiev's churches

Sidewalk brick pattern

This church and bell tower are across the street from the train station. Below are the entrance and two interior photos. The other photo is a water fountain in the train station. Both are new modern buildings.

Another interior of the church

The old train station

Waiting for a night train to Moscow

Music is "Larghetto from Alcide"
by Dmytro Stepanovich Bortniansky
Ukrainian Composer

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