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My first contacts with people from the Ukraine were those pictured above. As I was taking some photographs of the people in Bucharest, these two ladies asked me to take their photo. I don't think, they'll see it though. I did show them the preview in my camera. In the center is my first train angel. When I was having my "discussion" with the border guards about my temporary address, she spoke up for me; and did some translating, so I would know what was going on. The gentleman pictured was the conductor on my car. A very nice man, who kept me supplied with coffee. The photo was taken when we arrived in Kiev. He looks like he's had a long night.

Pushing supplies to market- or home

This guy seems to be in a rut

No bike? Push a baby carriage

Or just walk

I'm not sure of the town, but this was an extremely busy place.

Waiting on their train

Loading and unloading their belongings

Every train station has a mini flea market

Ukrainian troops outside Kiev Station

"OK, girls, can we go in now?"

People coming and going

Music is "Larghetto from Alcide"
by Dmytro Stepanovich Bortniansky
Ukrainian Composer

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