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and a few shots from IZMAILOVO PARK

Victory Park (Park Pobedy) could be compared to our recent Memorial to the men and women, who served the United States in World War II. That is to say, in purpose. But in size Victory Park is more like the entire mall in D.C. The park officially opened on the 50th anniversary of Victory-in-Europe-Day, on May 9th 1995.
Included in the park is an outdoor military museum, that covers pre-WWII to near present. Much equipment is on display from many countries, including the USA.
In Russia nearly 70,000 monuments to the war of 1941-1945, which is called "The Great Patriotic War" in that country, have been erected. But Russia lost over 25 million people in that war, nearly 17 million civilian. That's more that double the next nation, China. For Russia this period in their history is more important than even the Bolshevik Revolution, and the "Patriotic War" if 1812 against Napolean. It was, indeed, their shining hour.

Victory Park (Park Pobedy)

A wet, cold, rainy day

St. George slaying the dragon

Another angle

On each end of the memorial is an angel trumpeting.

Yeah, that's me and George. Compliments of Carol

This represents all who gave all for Russia

Flowers were still in bloom.

But Autumn was setting in

The Holocaust Memorial

The sculpture goes from the oppressed around the memorial to the grave stones and bodies. It's a very sobering monument. During the design and construction of this memorial there was much controversy around the design. Some found it to be too vulgar or too shocking. I find the whole Holocaust to be shocking and vulgar. No memorial could match that.


Russian T-34 Medium Tank

U.S. Sherman (M4A4) Medium Tank

Metal Hedgehog anti-tank and transport barriers

Big long distance howitzer (on rails)

Defensive trenchline

One or two man bunker

Closeup of the trench

A machinegun bunker

On the left is a Russian Mig-29 Multipurpose Fighter, capable of speeds of 1500 mph. On the right is the famous or imfamous Mig-17 Multi-purpose Fighter, capable of speeds of 690 mph.

Moscow's flower clock, the world's largest

A field of flowers - PEACE

Church of Great Martyr and Victory Bearer St.George

The memorial was completed with the Church of St. George, built in 1995 to honor those that perished in the war.

Two views and the main entrance

An interior photo

Up into the main dome


Tired performing bear

The market is under this roof

A very large bird house?
Izmailovo Park is the Russian answer to Disney, flea markets,
farmer's markets and tourist traps all rolled up into one.
However, bargains can be found there, and a great many
tourists and ex-pats (foreigners working in Russia) do much of
their Christmas shopping there. I did.

A nearby restaurant

Complete with windmill

An overall view of Izmailovo Park

Music is " The Young Prince and the Young Princess"
from Scheherezade
by Rimskij-Korsakov

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