~Christmas Vacation 2004~

Not a movie sequel to the Chevy Chase masterpieces, and, being I'm retired, not a vacation for me, but a vacation for my friend, who accompanied me for 3100 miles of road touring, visiting, photographing, shopping, and eating. These are a few of the photos from that trip.
And what did we do and see on our journey? We spent the first two days here in Erie, and visited Mom, then we took a drive around Presque Isle Peninsula where we walked on the snow covered beach. Then later in the evening, we took a moonlit walk in the snow and drove around to see the Christmas lights.
The next day took us to Tennessee to visit her family. On the 27th we drove to South Carolina to celebrate with my daughter, Mary, and her family. A couple of days there, and we were off to Florida to visit daughters Michele and Jean. We celebrated the New Year there by watching the ball fall in Times Square, and sharing a bottle of champagne. On the 2d we drove back to Tennessee so she could do some shopping and keep some appointments. On the 5th we drove back to Pittsburgh for her flight back to Moscow.
So what did we see? Well, we saw wolves and alligators, and tortoise and fish and a bobcat, and even a few armadillos. We saw birds of every description, including gulls and herons, egrets, roseate spoonbills (which I had not seen before). And we saw Morris the cat. Not really, that's Timmie, who presides over the neighborhood. And we saw the surf and fishermen, and walked along the beach in 80 degree weather. We saw the mountains in the mist that is behind these words and frozen waterfalls, and a peaceful lake and a raging river. A Christmas full moon and a new year sunrise, unidentifiable beach stuff, and the Manor. We saw an ugly bird and frost on the wood. I had some quality time with Timmie, and we saw my alter ego in three forms.
It was a busy 16 days, but we managed to get in as much as possible in four states. Enjoy the photos. Scroll down.

Mountain photo by Greywolf, subject by God.

This was the Alpha male or female

He's lower on the hierarchy

This guy was probably 9 or 10 feet long

Too busy so he left

This one was much larger

Tortoise kissing?

And sunbathing

The water is that clear

Bobcat resting

Armadillo searching

Seafood lunch

An Army of Gulls

A heron

A roseate spoonbill

An egret

More spoonbills

Close up


Surf fishing

And surf's up


A frozen waterfall

Bays Mountain Lake

New River Gorge

Full moon on Christmas night

Sunrise in Tennessee

Judging by other driftwood this must be wood something

The Manor, TN

Could be a wood stork

Ice crystals on a porch railing

Timmie and me

Me and Timmie

Alpha close up

Beautiful close up

Chewing a bone

Music is "Annie's Song"
(You Fill Up My Senses) by John Denver

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