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~Vienna's People~

Not many photos here, I was too busy looking at those beautiful buildings on the Austria page.

Street Entertainers in Stefansplatz

"Did someone call a cab?"

Tourists and locals in Stefansdom

Photographers at the Russian Memorial

Hanging around town

Coming from the Metro

Relaxing in the park

Getting ready to skate

Going to the Castle

Coming from the Secession
Secession is a daring building with its cupola of golden laurel leaves and its art deco facade. The secessionists were interested in uniting the separate art forms of sculpture, architecture, painting and music aiming for 'gesamtkunstwerk', a comprehensive work of art.

Walking the dog

Leaving the Palace
A couple of interesting statues there. On the left it looks like some guy carrying off a woman, while on the right his cohort is beating the husband or father with a club. Who says today's art is too violent?

Music is "Keyboard Sonata (Partita) in C" (No. 10)
Movement #1 Allegro
by Franz Joseph Haydn

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