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Brussels, a wonderful city of a million people and great weather. I spent two days wandering around exploring a city that is easy to navigate in spite of the fact that it's streets are not straight or parallel. Brussels is home to the Parliaments of Belgium, Brussels, the Flemish and the headquarters of the European Union. It gets it's name from the Celtic word for village in the marsh. The lower part of the city still has problems with flooding.
It is truly an international city, and signs are posted in four languages, Dutch, French, Flemish and English. That makes it relatively easy to navigate the city for nearly all visitors. Brussels is also an extremely clean city.
While on my self tour on foot, I was treated to a sound check for a concert that evening. As I strolled through the park a beautiful voice filled my ears. I took my time walking around the park to enjoy the music.
The food was great, and I was treated to some strange but tasty coffees. The waitresses and restaurant owner where I ate my lunches were very friendly and spoke enough English to converse. I ran into very few people, who didn't understand at least a little English.
The second day I took a bus tour. It allowed me to see much more of the city, but not on a up close and personal basis. From Ireland to Brussels and my trip was going very well.

My hotel in Brussels

A Unicorn on the train station

Streets converge and buildings

are build to fit

St. Michael's Cathedral in Brussels

Main altar
St. Michael's cathedral is the official church of Belgium. All royal family weddings take place there. St. Michael is the patron saint of Belgium and of Brussels. The next six photos are of St. Michael's Cathedral.

The ornate facade

The main aisle


Stained glass window


The original altar

The Town Hall tower

St. Michael atop the tower

Congress Column, Tomb of Unknown Soldier, WW1

Brussels park

Botanical Park

Botanical Gardens moved, now a cultural center

The Congress Column from a distance

A tribute to working women

Flowers were in bloom everywhere

Brussels City Center street

The National Sacred Heart Basillica

The icon above the entrance
The Basillica is the Royal Family's parish church. All members of the family are baptised there.

Another shot of the Basillica

Interesting restoration
They apparently didn't want to lose the facade of this old building, so they braced it up, tore the rest of the building down, and went to work.

Brussels street

Interesting architecture



Another part of a park

Cut glass lamps
I'm not sure where this was taken now. But all the shades were cut differently and the lamps all had a single white bulb inside. And it's much larger than seen here. There must have been forty lamps in all.

The bandstand where I heard that lovely voice

Looking over Brussels starts Day 2

Another look at St. Michael's

Another look at the Town Hall Tower

The building next to St. Michael's

A detail of the modern "flying buttresses"

The Palace of Justice

The Royal Palace

Forty-eight of these statues stand watch around

the perimeter of this park

The Arch of Triumph

Apollo's chariot atop the Arch


A bridge over the Senne River

Atomium, built for the 1958 World's Fair

The Chinese Pavilion

The Japanese Tower

Elaborate gazebo?

The symbol of Belgium

Brussels Central Train Station

Music is "Carabiniers"
By Jean-Luc Bertel
Belgian Composer

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