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The first three Belgians I photographed are in the first two photos. I watched the man lay about three rows before deciding to photograph him. A sidewalk built one block at a time. Imagine the cost of doing that here in the states. Somewhere I have a photo of a pile of the blocks, they are granite and about 3 or 4 inches cubed. It takes a lot to make a walkway.
The couple on the bench is having a "discussion" about something. You can bet, he's listening.
I found the Belgians friendly and helpful, as well as being multi-lingual. Enjoy the Belgians.






Local traveling

Eating and talking

Looking around

Roof repairing

My waitresses

The cafe owner


Getting married

This was the first of what would be many weddings I encountered on my trip. It took place in the Town Hall in Antwerpen. The wedding guests arrived in limos and very expensive cars. It seemed to be a very important affair.





The bride

The bride and Father

Someone famous (?) getting interviewed for TV

Watching the ships

Present Arms!

Drill practice

The Belgian Navy


A school field trip to the Museum

Ok, Line up, single file.

A walk in the Grote Markt

No cars allowed today

Float the North Sea

Cycling West Vlaanderen

You really don't want to know. Early Halloween?

Resting in the train station

More resting

Cute child

So cute I had to take another

Hey! Mom, what about me?

AARP day at the zoo

A whole busload of seniors at the Antwerpan Zoo

Waiting for a train

Matched couple

I don't know, if you can see it here or not, but his jacket and her
pants are a perfect match. Black with a fine chalk stripe.

Music is "Ik Jeune Mie"

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