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I found myself in awe of the work done on Berlin. Consequently, I didn't photograph many people in interesing situations. Perhaps it's the tourist thing, but once again I found the people, I did come into contact with, to be friendly and helpful. I got to use the little bit of German I learned when there in 1967-69.I found not as many English speakers in what was Eastern Germany.
As I was buying my subway ticket to Friedrichstrasse, a man came up to the teller and he was covered in blood. He looked like he was in a barroom fight. He asked the clerk something in German, ans she told him to get out. He then turned to me, and asked something, and all I could say was, "nicht verstehen", I don't understand. He then left. I should have taken a photo, but then again I'm glad I didn't, it was real messy.

On the tour

On the strasse

In the stations

Or in flight

In the parks

In sidewalk cafes

Snuggling up

Or simply waiting


Or taking a break

Reading a paper

Lunching in the Platz

Enjoying the sights

Waiting for a bus

Waiting for the Metro

Climbing the Reichstag dome

Getting on the News

Or biking around town

The Berliners know how to enjoy life as do their counterparts in the rest of the country.

Music is "Canon in D"
by Johann Pachelbel

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