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~The Hague~

The Hague, Den Haag in Dutch, is the seat of the Crown (Queen Beatrix) and the seat of the Dutch Government. Internationally recognized as the world's capital of international Justice. After New York and Geneva, The Hague is the third UN city in the world. It is also home to The International Court of Justice, with it's seat in the monumental Peace Palace.
We paid a visit to the U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands' Government center. When we were in Amsterdam we tried the Consulate's Office, but it was closed for Labor Day. At the Embassy we met a very nice chief of security, who made several phone calls to get me the best exchange rate for Euros. He also gave Trees and I a lapel pin of crossed Dutch and American flags.
I mentioned that The Hague is the seat of government and the Crown, but it is not the Capitol of The Netherlands. That distinction belongs to Amsterdam. It's a long story and I read a lot of history involving the story of The Netherlands and Holland. If you are interested, you can follow this link.

First stop The Embassy of the United States of America.

Old Glory


Scheveningen is part of Den Haag. It is a modern bathing resort with a long sandy beach and a pier. Most photos you see here were taken from the pier.

Kite surfing on the North Sea at Scheveningen

A fishing boat fights the sea

A memorial to those lost at sea

Kurhaus was a theater, now a restaurant and hotel

The beach

The surf

More kite surfing

The pier at Scheveningen

As always the gulls, as always the surf

Me on the pier (Thanks Trees)

The hotel/restaurant Kurhaus was opened in 1886

The fishing boat still struggles

Looking South along the shore

And North

The light at Scheveningen

More of the beach

Looking down a couple of streets in Scheveningen.

A church in Scheveningen.

~Den Haag~

Part of the skyline

A WWII Memorial

King Willem the Second

Prins Willem den Eersten

~Inside the Binnenhof~

(Inner Court of the castle)

The Hall of Knights

A side view
The Hall of Knights is the single most famous building in the Netherlands. It's oak roof is an 19th century reconstrucion of a mediaeval oak roof whose design is regarded unique in Europe.
Dutch governments (and those of Nations that occupied the Netherlands) have been at this location in The Hague since 1581, although they moved to Delft for a short time during the 80 year war with Spain in the 16th & 17th century.

The fountain in the Binnenhof

Me at the fountain

Some details on The Hall

Arch to the Outer Court

Part of the Outer Court (Buitenhof)

Palace Noordeinde

Willelmina ruled for 58 years

Den Haag at night

Before we left for The Hague, Trees and I walked to the market for
a few things. Along the way we encountered this group of ducks.

Music is "Soft"
by Hans van den Bos

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