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The Magyars

Although, to the rest of the world they are Hungarian, they call themselves Magyar after the seven tribes that settled in the region around 895 A.D. For the next half-century they were the scourge of Europe. They had raided many areas of the continent and ferociously attacked anyone that they came in contact with.
Although, I stated Hungary was a melting pot, the Magyar remain the dominant ethnic group in the country.
For detailed information on the Magyar you can visit these websites:
Magyars and East European Magyars

I found them in parks

Waiting for busses

Even taking a nap (passed out likely)

In a taxi and on tour
It was Monday morning and I think, the guy in the park did a bit too much celebrating over the weekend. Based on my observations, I wrote in my journal that it appeared that drinking was Hungary's national pastime.
The man in the right photo was my taxi driver, who drove me and a family from Australia to the tour assembly place. The woman is Emese (Emeshy, call me Emma or Emily). She speaks six languages and did our tour in three.

Father of the Australian family

Strategic pricing


Emma's introduction and briefing

Resting at the castle

Checking out the model of Saint Matthias' Cathedral

"Okay, line up in single file and follow the green umbrella"

"I said, follow the umbrella"

Resting up in Trinity Square

Looking around in Trinity Square

The tour group heads in all directions

I think, it says "A pest will cause a big calamity in this home."

Budapest train station, notice two guys carrying a body in a

Old folks

Young folks

She smiled until I pointed the camera

Girls walking

More backpackers

Worker filling the water tanks

Lonely travelers forging a new friendship

Nothing to do, but read until boarding

It was a busy night at the station

They were checking this guy's ID

Me on the Fisherman's Bastion with Pest in the background

Music is "Gnomenreigen"
A Concert Etude
by Franz Liszt

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