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and other peninsulas of Ireland

The Southwest corner of Ireland is comprised of several peninsulas like fingers reaching into the sea. County Kerry is on three of them with the largest being Iveragh Peminsula containing the drive called the Ring of Kerry. The other peninsula I drove was Dingle Peninsula to the west of Iveragh on Slea Head drive. The scenery is stunning there and the county has the highest mountains in Ireland. Three of my nine nights in Ireland were spent in the southwest section of the country. The B&Bs were Foyle B&B in Kinsale, Riverside House in Killorglin, and Duggerna House in Kilkee. Throughout Ireland I found the B&B proprietors to be friendly and willing to help find a room, if they were full. I would recommend B&Bs as the way to see Ireland.

Now come see the beautiful Southwest of Ireland.

The Irish Sea pounds the shores of County Kerry

Relentless in it's quest

Bathers on the Strand

Offshore islands are part of Kerry

The ever-present stone walls of Ireland

Cliffs abound

More cliffs

More mountains

These bridges are located around Killorglin where I stayed at a B&B. The ducks and flower were also photographed there.


More flowers

This would be me at Dingle Bay

Sheep on the mountainside

Sailing Dingle Bay

Bee hive huts. The Celts lived here
These beehive huts, so called because of their shape, were often found attached to each other by means of a doorway. The construction is stone, because stone is plentiful. A special craftmanship is apparent in the building. They were erected in a circle of succesive strata of stone without mortar, each a little closer to the center until only a small opening was at the top. In foul weather this could be closed with one stone. The stones also have a downward and outward tilt to shed water. This method of construction is called corbelling. The hut shown is named Cashel Caher Conor and is located on the Dingle Peninsula. This form of shelter was used from about 2000 BC to about 1200 AD.

Don't think I'll be swimming today

The rugged Irish coast

The beauty of Ireland

Plush greens and the blue of the sea

One of Kerry's mountains

This is Riverside House, a B&B

A street in Kilrush

Another of Ireland's massive Cathedrals

A waterfall near Kilrush

Water under the bridge

Another ruin

More swans

These cliffs are near Kilkee

Relentless waves on the cliffs

Crossing the River Shannon

Moore Bay in Kilkee

Music is "Kilgary Mountains"

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