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A long time ago I took a photo of the Cliffs of Moher from an Irish travel magazine and placed it on one of my poems about Ireland. Since that time I've had the desire to see them first hand. Desire satisfied. The cliffs, the great wall of Thomond as they are called, drop a sheer 668 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. The cliffs run for about four miles along Ireland's west coast. O'Brien's Tower sits atop the highest of the cliffs, Knockardakin. I walked about half the four miles distance along the edge of the cliffs.

The Cliffs of Moher On the way to the cliffs I was treated to a vast landscape of green, green, green. So much so, that I thought, one of my poems on Ireland should go here.

~Ode To Ireland~

Kelly green
Emerald green
Grass green
Leaf green
Green green
Green green
Isle of ancestors
Father of us all
Haven to our kinfolk
Mother of our soul
Standing proud above the ocean
Sending sons to everywhere
I love this Isle elegant
And wish that I was there
Spawning daughters of great beauty
Beckons everyone "Return"
That becomes our duty
And our hearts do yearn
For home.

Green as far as eyes can see

Seas of green

Looking south along the cliffs

Zoom in a bit for a closer look

Photos from the edge

Close to the edge

Defeating the ocean. . .for now

Fingers reaching out to the sea

A 200 foot sentinel stands where the cliffs once stood

People at the top show the sheer size

A more or less frontal view

The Atlantic carves more sentinels

O'Brien's Tower

And from a distance looking north
O'Brien's Tower was built in 1835 by Cornelius O'Brien as an observation tower for the HUNDREDS! of visitors, who came to the cliffs each year. There were hundreds of visitors the three or four hours I was there.

An even more distant shot to show how far I walked

Looking north from the tower

Am arm of rock being separated

These formations reminded me of Scott's Bluff

Paths worn nearly 3 feet deep

Rock versus water. . .The Struggle

Another sentinel

And then I was off to the Burren

The Burren is an amazing place. It is a karst limestone region of approximately 300 sq km which lies in the north west corner of Co Clare. It is composed of limestone pavements, which are eroded in a distinctive pattern known as karren. This pavement is crisscrossed by cracks known as grykes and underneath the pavement there are huge caves and rivers that suddenly flood when it rains. It contains dozens of megalithic tombs and celtic crosses and a ruined Cistercian Abbey from the 12th century, Corcomroe. The Burren is protected much like our own National Parks.

A castle ruin on the way to the Burren

The mountains behind the Burren

Very rugged terrain

The shore of the Burren

A rock sentinel

And deep crevasses called grykes

Another rock formation

People on the left, it's big!

The sea rushes in

Planting a kiss on the Burren

Even flowers grow in this barren place

I just liked this so I took it

Connemara is a very special part of County Galway. Situated on the western coast of Ireland, this largely unspoiled region features rugged unpolluted coastline, dramatic mountains, many lakes and rivers, woodlands, and a National Park. The peat bogs of South Connemara are major fuel sources.

The castle I couldn't get to

A megalithic tomb

This inlet serves the fishermen

Getting ready to check lobster pots

Yet another sea of green

An eagle checking fish holding tanks

Horses grazing across the inlet from my B&B

The ruins of an ancient house

I asked where the castle was, they directed me here

An old Tower House

Lots of water fowl live here

Like these geese

Heading into the mountains of Connemara

The range is known as The Twelve Pins

One end of the range

An abandoned hotel or farm house

Many Celtic Crosses are found in Cennemara

And churches abound

Music is "ONLY TIME"

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