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I spent more time in Moscow than any other place on my journey. It's a large, interesting city, and with a population of 11,200,000 it's the largest city in Europe. Russians wanting to live there must prove employment before moving there. Luckily for me there was an angel there to guide me around. Thank you, Carol.
It boasts of the deepest metro station in the world, and they are very proud of their arts. Most readers know as much about Moscow as I, but being there and seeing it first hand is another story.

The train and metro station near where I stayed.
The Belaruskaya

This is Carol's favorite casino. Not really, but it
is in her neighborhood
This is a main casino. There are branches all over the city, and you will find slot machines all over the place. In the Metro and train stations and even in the mall I shopped in. Gambling is second only to drinking vodka as a pasttime.

The casino at night

The entrance to the first church I came upon

The church

In town apartment buildings

A rather overdone store front

And another across the street

U.S. Embassy

My flag at the Embassy

A Russian Federation Building

One of the Seven Sisters
During the time of Josef Stalin, he directed that the seven skyscrapers be built to prove to the world that Russia could build them. They are called the Seven Sisters.

Another church

A monument to the Cyrillic Alphabet

A monument to the European Union

The train station I arrived at, the Kievskaya

A pedestrian bridge over the Moscow River

It's glassed in all the way

Up the river

And down the river

A tour boat

Flags of several countries

I don't know, I just liked the building

Another Russian Orthodox church

Cathedral of our Savior

The entrance to Gorky Park
There's an interesting story behind this church. The original was destroyed by Stalin. He wanted to build the biggest and tallest building in the world here. However, when the base of the building was built, it was so heavy that it started sliding toward the Moscow River. As soon as construction stopped the sliding stopped. So Stalin then built a public swimming pool on the site. After the fall of Communism the church was rebuilt on the original location.

The sign that told me that

The fountain inside the park

Peter the First's statue on the Moscow River. There's a
closer look down below

The State Historical Museum and three towers of the
This was taken the day I didn't know, I was that close to the Kremlin and Red Square. I was looking for the spires on St. Basil's Cathedral, but they aren't visible from this side. This was the day I got lost big time on the Moscow Metro. But I got some good photos and I did find Gorky Park and the Bolshoi (by accident) and my way back home thanks to another one of God's angels.

The Bolshoi Theatre

A blue moon from Carol's "veranda"
It's a balcony, but we first referred to it as the "terrace", then it became the "veranda". It was my designated smoking spot.

The four horse fountain and another of many near

the Kremlin

And another

St. George slaying the dragon
St. George is patron saint of Moscow and Russia. Statues like this are all over the country. This particular one has a map of the Northern Hemisphere on the half globe with time zones depicted. These fountains are in Alexander Gardens near the Kremlin.

The Aurora Hotel from both sides

Another thing named after my friend

Loosely, Guesthouse Aurora

And in English

Not sure, it's near the Bolshoi

Not the Kremlin or part of Red Square.
I liked this building which was heavily under security. The street was blockaded and many armed people were present. So I approached one of them and pointed to my camera and to the building and said, "may I?" The guard said, "The red building? Sure, go ahead." You never know who speaks English.

The Victory Arch near Victory Park
The park is on an separate page.

Looking from the arch into the city
of Moscow

An office building/Mall

Another of the seven sisters

Another of Moscow's churches

And its five "onion" domes

Another a couple of blocks away

The everpresent Madonna and Child Icon

This is almost shameful

Down the street to another sister

Someone seemed to be watching me

The Georgian Restaurant Carol likes

The Russian DUMA, like our capitol building. It was in session and under heavy security.
The Peter the Great Memorial mentioned above. Peter scorned Moscow and preferred St. Petersburg as his home. Muscovites don't like this statue much.

The DUMA Building

The hammer and sickle are still around

These three churches near Red Square are all different denominations

Music is "Dance of the Reed Flutes"
from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky

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