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Prague was no different. It's nickname is the City of Spires, and magnificent buildings built hundreds of years ago are on each block. I found a no-star hotel with 12 foot ceilings and double doors (one set of doors behind the other with about 2 feet between) and a bath down the hall. It was large enough but sparce. Two monk type beds a desk and an ancient chair and two night stands. All over Prague people were passing out leaflets and protesting something or other. The tour was unsatisfactory as we only stopped at the palace. And at the palace we lost our bus. It seems the driver was detained by the police for a safety check. The way Ludmilla, our tour guide, looked at him; I don't think, she believed him. But that's his story, and he's sticking to it. Most of the tour photos were taken from the castle. The others were taken on my short walks (before and after the tour) around the city.
About that short walk after. It should have been, but I got turned around, because the tour didn't end at the same Square at which it started. So I was lost for a good two hours. I found few english signs in Prague, and the few English speaking people, I found, gave vague and conflicting directions to the Prague Central Station. I did, however, see more of the city and got better photos than on the tour.
Eventually, I located the train station in plenty of time to board. But that's another story. My ticket said Track 2, so I'm sitting there, and it comes time for my train and a train comes along, but the signs read Warsaw! Now even I know that Warsaw and Vienna are not in the same direction from Prague. So I asked the conductor, and he said, "Wien! That is the train to Wein!" Pointing to Track 3. So pack up all my gear and head to the underpass to get to Track 3. I made it with about 5 minutes to spare. By this time I began to feel like the guy in the photo near the bottom.

The Praha Holesovice Station

Obecni dum The Municipal House

Their Metro is way down there

There was "Cow Art" everywhere
Prague has one of the deepest Metro systems in the world. I'm told the deepest is in Moscow, but this one was way down there. Doing a little research I've found that Moscow has the deepest Metro Station, although it's built under a hill, but the deepest system is in St. Petersburg, where they have to go under the marshy soil for safety.

And flowers

The Museum of Art

I found these dancing statues in a small park on the way from the train station.

My Hotel

There was a large protest going on

Against Global Warming (one of my pet peeves)

Rudolfinum, home of the Czech Philharmonic

The Prasn�� (Black tower)

Inside the tower arch

The Obecni dum entrance facade

A lamp post in the City Square

Tour time with Ludmilla, our guide

Prague from Prague Castle

St. Vitus Cathedral (unfinished side)

St. George or Michael the Archangel

St. Vitus Cathedral (restored side)

A pear tree I saw while waiting for our bus

The bell tower of St. Vitus Cathedral

A Communications tower atop a hill

Prague Castle

I have no notes on this

Charles Bridge with one bridge tower on left

Prague along the River Vltava
In August of 2002 the Vltava overran the city in a great flood causing much damage, 50,000 people to evacuate, and 14 deaths in the country. It was the worst flood in about 200 years.
It was a very bad year for flooding in Europe as the Vltava, Danube and the Elbe all caused flooding in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia as well as the Czech Republic.

Prague Castle from the bridge

The Museum of Natural History

Bridge ornaments

The Prasn� tower again

The New Town Hall Tower

St Nicholas Church in the Old Town Square

No notes, but it's a beautiful building

A street sculpture

What are cows without a bull?

By now I was feeling like him

But on my way to Vienna

Music is "Sonata for Violin and Piano in G, 1st Mov."
by Antonin Dvorak

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