St. Petersburg
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Saint Petersburg, Venice of the north with it's many rivers and canals and bridges is built on a marsh. Consequently, it has one of the deepest Metro Systems in the world.
City of the Tsars. One time capitol of Russia, it's called the northern capitol. I counted nine palaces each built by successive Tsars in competition, as were the pyramids of Egypt. The palace of Catherine the Great, the Winter Palace, is now home of the State Hermitage Museum, second only to the Louvre with it's collection of art. We spent a day exploring it's many rooms. The photos from the Hermitage can be seen on a separate page.
Our second day was spent on a guided tour of the city. Both days were spent walking in the rain, and those days ran together for me. You will find photos from both days here as some don't pertain to the Hermitage. Enjoy!

The view from our room WOW! A great view of the alley
behind the hotels.

Dvortsovaya Palace is across the square from the Hermitage
and another charioteer

The Alexander Column in Palace Square

Bears everywhere

Dvortsovaya Palace

The Cathedral of the Resurrection
The Cathedral is also known as the Church of our Savior on the Spilled Blood. One of the most beautiful and famous churches of Russia, built in the memory of the tragic event on 1 March 1881 when terrorists bombed the Tsar, Alexander II, who is referred to in Russian history as "Alexander the Liberator" because he freed peasants from the serfdom they had suffered for many centuries, so he actually deserved such treatment less than anybody. It was the 8th attempt at assasination by the terrorist organization named "People's Will". One of the members of this organization was Lenin's brother, Alexander Ulyanov.

Kazansky Cathedral

Kazansky Cathedral, the rest

One of many canals and bridges

St. Nicholas Cathedral from Nicholas Garden

Stock Exchange Building, St. Petersburg

Building detail

These are photos of the kind of skies we had both days

The Naval Museum

The Dome on the Winter Palace

This Tall ship is a Restaurant/Disco

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral

Peter and Catherine the Greats

Gilded altar area

The pulpit and main altar

Ornate chandeliers and columns

One altar

Part of the ceiling

Inside the dome of St Peter and Paul

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral closeup

Destroyer Aurora

Galley and sleeping area

Neva river from Peter/Paul Fortress

A Naval Memorial

The Monument to Nicholas I

Church of our Savior on the Spilled Blood

Smolny Cathedral (under restoration)

St. Isaac's Cathedral

THese are just a couple of buildings I found interesting

Music is "Piano Concerto No. 12
by Tchaikovsky"

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