~Three Women~

I've three women on my mind today.
I wander aimlessly from one to another.
Helplessness deflates my spirit for
my Aunt, my best friend, and my old lover.

My great-aunt of ninety-three staring
through blind eyes from her wheelchair.
She uttered nary a sound to me,
not knowing just who was there.
The difference of one short year.
So alert when I saw her last.
Why, God, keep her hanging on
while other lives flee so fast?

Then to my friend in Florida,
how we'd not spoken before I went.
How she'd react on my return,
has she anger left to vent?
I wrote her my apology,
but we don't sit down and converse
to iron out the differences.
Could not knowing get any worse?

On to the woman, whom I've loved most
of all those that I've known
and what the future holds for us.
Could the love of the past we clone?
The love's there, but where's the passion?
We dare not to explore it.
Better to remember the past,
and pray the future will store it.

And so I sit here helpless
to do anything for these three,
as my mind flits back and forth
with no hope of getting free.

Music is "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

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