A long time ago I made a friend on-line. It was in June of 2001. I realize that by normal standards that doesn't seem like a long time, but for the internet it is considerable. Friendships here are like revolving doors. Friends come and go like the wind. Aurora and I have had not a few tumultuous situations during our friendship, but it keeps coming back and growing stronger.
I know she has much on her plate. Two young boys and a husband will fill anyone's plate rather quickly. But she seems to give me more time than I deserve most times. I can't tell her how much I appreciate that time. But I can tell her, that I think about her every day of my life, and will continue to do so until I leave this world. I'm not sure that she believes this, so I've created this page of signs. Signs that I have photographed on my last two vacations to show her I do think about her. To show her that I consider her to be my best friend. I met her as Aurora. And she's been asked many times why she chose that name. It has to do with the airplane she was assigned to in the Canadian Air Force. I've known her by many names including her real name. She's Sarah, and she's Zookeeper, a soup nazi, and she's Dee. She's been wckdd and a critter and a darned cat, and she's even been a starfish. She's been all of these, but to me she'll always be Aurora.
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This is where she got her name. As a member of the Canadian Air Force, she worked on this plane. This taken (not by me) over Nova Scotia, Canada obviously in the Autumn.

A couple of more pictures of the

Orion-Aurora Military Transport

The following photos were taken in

Aurora, Nebraska




These were taken in Aurora, Washington outside of Seattle

One end of the avenue

The other end of the avenue







She's everywhere,

she's everywhere!



Biker Aurora

Biker Aurora 2

New York Aurora

Colorado Aurora

Another in Colorado

And another
And from my trip around the world in 2004

Mariott Aurora in Moscow

Aurora in Russian

Aurora Facade

Russian Cruiser Aurora in St. Petersburg

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