~My Awards~

Getting awards is always a good experience. But there are three times when an award has special meaning. When it is given by an old faithful friend, when it is given by a brand new friend, or when it comes as a result of a lot of hard, but enjoyable, labor. And so it was with my first three awards.

The first award shown it not an award at all. It is, in the words in my acceptance notification:
"It is NOT an award.
It is a statement of who and what you are all about,
and your stand on the WWW among the millions."
And that is why it is so special to me and why it gets top billing.

The award shown next is Rici's Peace Award. It is given to those sites, which promote peace and harmony in the world. It come from my oldest and dearest friend on the WWW. Rici was a tremendous help to me when I was just beginning the construction of Words Are Friends. She is a special person to me and to all, whom she touches.
Thanks for being there, Rici. (Rici's site is linked from my favorites on the Home Page, the guest Writers section and from her tribute page, "Ode To Rici")

The third award presented was given to me by a new friend from exactly half way around the world. Connie presented me with her Friendship 2001 Award, only two days after we met. It's nice to know you have a friend that far away.(Indonesia) Connie made the banner heading my Home Page.(Connie's site is linked from my favorites on the Home Page and from her credit beneath my banner.)

I Am A Member Of:
The Phenomenal Men Of The Web?
The Phenomenal Men Of The Web

Thanks, Rici

Thanks, Connie

This award came as the result of my answering
a series of questions about wolves.

A different test, same results.

FlowerHeart's Best of the Web Award

FlowerHeart's Award for Excellence

FlowerHeart's Gift for Good Luck
Thanks, Flowerheart

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