~Baseball In The Ninties~

For infants through seven years old
Mom takes them to watch older brothers.
At eight to twelve it's a fun game,
for them, to enjoyment of others.

Thirteen through eighteen -- teenagers
Coaches and competition set in.
High school colors to represent.
Better players, but fewer get in.

Eighteen through twenty plays College
World Series Tourney -- much more to lose.
The talented ones leave right here;
drafted into the Pros, if they choose.

Thousands languish in Minor Leagues
never to play in the Bigs.
A few, "Bonus Babies" they're called,
end in the Majors and dance their jigs.

Rookie sensation, Sophomore Jinx,
in early twenties it's a real job.
The lucky ones hitting their weight,
pre-game warm-ups, and autograph mob.

At twenty-four or twenty-five
have a real good season or three.
Then Barry Bonds money kicks in,
and nobody gets your name for free.

Some, like Cal Ripken, play for love
of the game we all grew up with.
Most players, now, suffer from greed.
Real heroes, today, are just a myth.

So what are we the fans to do?
The Fellers and Robinsons are gone.
Tickets and hotdogs cost too much,
talent's diluted, games take too long.

As a fan, I'll say what I've done!
I've not been to a game in two years,
'cept for my grandsons' Little League Games,
which I watch them play through my tears.
"Going, going, gone"

Waiting for the right pitch!

The All Stars with their own personal Cheerleader.
Daniel, Melissa, and Bryant
Check out the pics below

Daniel pitching

Bryant catching

Daniel swinging hard

Bryant's turn to hit

Time for Press interviews


The well-deserved trophies

Music is "Centerfield"

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