In Memory of
David Robert Mac Krell

May 25, 1944
September 10. 2001

David told us not to cry.

Don't cry, my friends
by Charisma

David and friend meeting
Mom, niece Megan in
It's time my friends
I have to go
Angels will guide me
with peaceable light
Heaven is waiting
'twill be my new home
where I will find
rest for my soul

Don't cry my friends
'Cause this isn't the end
'twill be a new beginning
within promises of New Life

Don't cry my friends
Please let me go
Stairway to heaven
steer me above
where I'll find my rest
in Savior's Love

It's time my friends
Don't cry
It's time for me
to say Goodbye.

9 juli 2001

Mom with David and I
in 1945. Pat is there, too

Dad, David and I in 1947

David and I in 1947

David and I in 1947 on the
front steps. Notice Pat in
the door window.

David, Pat and I in 1948

Me, David, Pat, and Kathy
in 1950

A Christmas card
photo from 1950

Recreating the card
plus Terry in 1990

And again in 1996 I think
we had too much to drink.

David and Terry at
a reunion

Dave's wife, Barbara, me,
and David

David and cousin
Leo Mac Krell

Time to relax!

David in the door

David with first son, Matthew

David and son Mark

Sons, Matt and Mark with Jonas

Dave and I on the bookcase horse

Dad and Mom with the kids.
L to R: Patricia, David, Thomas, Terrence, and Kathleen

Music is "Be Not afraid"
Played at his funeral Mass

NOTES: Mom and I remember the little blond-haired kid. Those memories are the best for us.
This verse was penned by a dear friend in the Netherlands. Her name is Trees A. Makakita-Poortman, she writes under the name Charisma. She has been very supportive during David's illness. She also made the background for this page. Thank you Charisma. To visit her website and read many beautiful poems by her (in three languages), click on her banner.

The candles were a courtesy of my dear friend Rici Shafer in Riverside, Ca. Visit her at

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