~A Memorial To Emily~

~A Moment in Time~

by Donna Marie

Two chubby hands,
ten soft, pink fingers
One broken heart,
The feel of you lingers.

Sparkling brown eyes,
wavy, soft hair.
I am lost and alone,
life just isn't fair

Mischevious smile
trusting embrace.
I long for our time
I miss your sweet face.

Brave little dancer,
happy, bright girl.
I am reeling and numb,
confused by this world.

Intoxicating giggle,
delicate touch.
My tears keep falling,
I miss you so much.


Music is "Jesus Loves Me"
One of Emily's favorites

NOTE: We all at some time or other in our lives suffer losses. I recently lost a younger brother to a brain tumor. His memorial is in this section along with Emily. However, the loss of a child is something that can only be imagined by someone who has experienced it. Emily was taken at the tender age of four. Not yet even in school. But, if I know her mother, the author of this lovely tribute, she was way ahead in the learning process. She learned the song on this page and would sing it with her mother. She learned that Jesus loves her, and we can be certain that she now resides with Him.
(constructed with tears in my eyes. GB)
How can You help prevent these terrible events from happening? Through information and support. To find out how to do your part, you can visit these websites or call Childfind or the National Center fot Missing and Exploited Children.

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