~Shades of Grey~

For those of us who live between the shades of grey
There's the saying that "there will be a better day"
No situations black and white for us, they say
Searching for the answers, but they don't come our way
For lifelong love we sometimes hope, but mostly pray
The lucky ones who'd found it state, " 'twill be okay
Sought after love will come, so please don't be afraid"
So awake, each and ev'ry late at night, we lay
When we think we've found it, we place our hearts on "stay"
We fall so very hard, do nothing to delay
Only to find out there must come a time to pay
No one is perfect and they see our feet of clay
Once again the strings of our heart come to a fray
Even when we serve our souls on a silver tray
With sharp and rusty knives our hearts they do filet
As the object of our affection slips away
We're left with our dejection, they go on to play
The grey lives we lead are come what might, come what may
We want to see some color in the sunshine's ray
But it's too difficult between the shades of grey.

Music is "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?"

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