~ Indian River ~

Pelicans, both white and brown,
one feeds as it's swimming.
The other comes diving down.
Sunlight bright and grinning.
Alligator and Egret,
Eagle, Osprey, and Hawk.
Photographs that you can get
just by taking a walk.
Blue Heron and Wild Boar,
Gopher Tortoise, Mallards.
And there are so many more
birds singing their ballads.
Woodpecker chipping away,
day is done come nightfall.
The Owl holding whoo at bay,
Raccoon bandits will call.
Beautiful place they call home,
they and many others.
Living in groups or alone,
hatchlings with their mothers.
Why have we nearly ruined it?
Built it into the ground.
Bobby Dylan once crooned it.
In wind answers are found.
Indian River Lagoon
been here millions of years.
If we kill the trees and Loon,
there's nothing left but tears.

This guy was less than 20 feet over my head

Eagles and Turkey Buzzards

An Egret taking flight

An Osprey waiting to go fishing

This guy got a mouse and fed atop a
telephone pole nearby.

Music is "Wind Voices"
by John Two Hawks
From his CD "Good Medicine"
Visit him HERE

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