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There it is! Shining above the sea.
Sparkling gem of emerald green
lying in wait for just you and me.
Calling you back, if there you've been.

I've not been, but read, see, and hear
of open hospitality
to the many strangers, she's held dear.
A nation's personality.

People cheerful and gregarious,
humor, laughter, song done with glee.
Not always ---life's so precarious.
Much hard work and death to be free.

Toil and strife, famine, and war waged,
crushing conquest and tyranny,
defeat occupation and bondage,
surviving, though brought to the knee.

They are a people, so much punished,
battered, persecuted, and starved.
Who could not live as free as they wished,
while land and homes away were carved.

Conquer they did as conquer they must,
repulsing each adversity.
Grind all colonization to dust
from countryside to the city.

With freedom achieved and liberty won,
the task now at hand quite simple.
Enjoy life 'til it's over and done,
laughing until there's a dimple.

Irish know how to have a good time,
to welcome their guests with feeling.
They fill up the world with love and rhyme,
good whiskey, and Church bells pealing.

I must go to this wonderful place
before I die and leave this world,
then you shall see a smile on my face,
and hear the great story I told.

The Irish Sea

The cliffs of Moher

A rainbow over Kinsale

The photos were taken on my visit to Ireland in August 2004.

Music is "Danny Boy"

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