~The Lake~

Softly ripples reach out for the shore
with gentle kisses and nothing more.
The shore awaits still, for another kiss.
The lake obliges, never to miss.

From this mixture of sand and water
comes a love, that will yield no daughter.
But a sun will be born from their love,
It will watch over them from above.

The grey water comes, day in, day out.
The red sand accepting with no doubt.
Their symbiotic relationship
holds all their passsion within it's grip.

A full moon clocks the water's coming.
Winds check red sand with quiet humming.
The time is right this twenty-eighth night
for total submission to his height.

The orgasms rage at high-tide mark.
Their whispers and sighs call in the dark.
Then spent, the lake goes back to his place
and red sand is glowing on her face.

All creatures arrive to witness this
as the lake plants yet another kiss.
The red of the sand, grey of the lake,
such wonderous lovers do they make.

This poem was inspired by Ruth, who gave me a push to start writing again. The well was dry for nearly eight months. After visiting her website (Original Minds Poetry by Ruth) and a few chats on Yahoo, the creative juices started to flow again. And, although I had the idea of a website in the back of my mind, her site and the fact that you don't have to be a total Geek to build one, was the motivating force behind my decision to start. This page is my way of thanking her for her time, her witty conversation, and her inspiration.

Music is "Quiet"

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