Might today he achieve his goal
A desire more than aching
Raging desires make him compete
At a level beyond his heart
Tuned fine to pump more blood
His pores dilating shedding sweat

Once warmed we see his sweat
Nagged by gravity to it's own goal
As his face is rouged by blood
So his mind continues the aching
True to the needs of his heart
He by his heart forced to compete

Each day for years he did compete
Lonely roads and gallons of sweat
Only to strengthen his heart
Narrow the distance to his goal
Grasp the meaning of inner aching
Mixed with spittle, sweat, and blood

As he feels, hears pounding blood
Racing through veins as it competes
Caught up within body aching
His body's desire to sweat
Blood to achieve one goal
Essential to his very heart

Going on miles by only heart
Instilled by passion of blood
No doubt to reach that goal
Surely in life does he compete
With others to break not sweat
Inching the distance mind now aching

The socks wet, blisters aching
His knees breaking but not his heart
One beat at a time pores expel sweat
Now mixed on feet with blood
Energy depleted but he does compete
Searching for that final Goal

Throw aside the aches sweat and blood
Every bone in body competing
Purely by soul reaching his goal

There are two guys behind me, but you would
NEVER believe how many were ahead of me.

My niece, Megan, All County Cross Country,
team Co-captain, team Co-MVP
PA State Meet Qualifier

NOTE: This poem is a Sestina (look it up), it follows a very specific form. I wrote it in response to a challenge from a poet friend (see The Lake). At first I didn't want to do it, because writing one would be a "marathon". Well, now you know. It is also an Acrostic. Read down the first letter of each line. Thanks again, Ruth, I feel it's one of my better works. P.S. Although I wrote this about a male runner, it works just as good for the female as they work equally as hard to achieve their goals. Just like Megan did.

Music is "The Theme from Chariots of Fire"

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