~Little Hands~

Meagan and I
There were little hands in big hands.
They were strolling through the Mall.
She was riding on his shoulders,
they were nearly eight feet tall.

He held little hands in big hands,
tiny, fidgety and soft.
She held big hands with her small ones
watching, scanning from aloft.

They ate ice cream with strawberries,
stopped to see her Mom at toil,
found a cent at JC Penneys,
laughed at lava lamps that boil.

This sweet granddaughter person
is the biggest joy to him.
At breakfast or the swimming pool
he answers her ev'ry whim.

He calls her name out, "Meagan Leigh",
you are beauty in my eye.
She addresses him as Granpa,
"Lift me up into the sky".

She's put new import to his life,
Sesame Street and Lambchop.
She puts her little hands in his
and makes his heart go flip-flop.

School pic age nine

A day at Disney World

Meagan and Rob August 2000

Music is "Grandpa"

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