The Cry Of The Grey Wolf

by Michelle L.Simmons
Eyes glistening with tears that trail down my face
words of another
my heart has embraced

Deep soulful feelings willingly shared
a well-seasoned heart
these etchings have bared

Giving me insight to an unknown brother
an open soul
tells of lost loves... Life's trials ...and love for a mother

Adoration for nature ... enchanted by feeling
soft spoken wisdom
that sends my heart reeling

Feelings born of independent places
but the souls that are dancing
wear the same faces

Perception to bound feelings once written now freed
words ... holding and attending
my heart as I read

Poetry beholds a magical key
to lighten ones soul
and set a heart free

Be silent and listen to the grey wolf cry
behold what he says
as he howls to the sky

As words flow upon paper with feeling and grace
the cry of the grey wolf
the moon does embrace...

Postscript: The ability to apprehend and share our innermost
feelings enables us to recognize that we are never really alone...
I believe souls ...not always lost, but in search of other souls
to share in healing of the heart and Life's experiences
as well as sharing Wisdom found throughout the years.

As we rest in the physical sense .... I feel in my heart that our souls
dance, play and explore ...searching for peace, knowing, understanding
and most of all hope and compassion to
enlighten us all..... Shelley

Note: if you want to read some really good poetry by her or her sons, click on Michelle's photo or here for her website. she has much for horse lovers too.
Michelle, thank you for the beautiful poem. You saw what I wanted all to see. This is for you.

click here for my answer.

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