It's official! My book on my trip to Moscow and around the world has a place on the web.
The link to view the cover, read the notes on the author,
read a few excerpts and purchase, if that pleases you is
Trafford Publishing

~From Moscow With Love~

Two people, one umbrella
In a gentle Moscow rain
Two people laughing wildly
And forgetting all their pain

Hand-in-hand around the Square
Seeing history and the sights
While wine and cheese and music
Filled up their Moscow nights

Ride the Metro here and there
Packed in tightly, six abreast
Feeling the warmth and the glow
Standing, facing, chest to chest

Train then to St. Petersburg
To see an old, jeweled gold crown
And churches and museums
Then at twi-light Moscow bound

A train to Vladivostok
One man travels on alone
Taking with him memories
Of a friendship set in stone

He sighs softly and chuckles
Praying to God up above
That she had traveled with him
Not leaving Moscow with my love

Music is "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground"

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