~People Photographs~

NOTE: Obviously those photos, which contain my mug, were not taken by me, but by a friend or family member.

L-R: Son-in-law Richard, daughter Jean, Son-in-law Rich, daughter Michele,
Me, daughter Ashley, and son Joe
Mac Krell Family Reunion 1997

A bored Catherine

I got toes!

Why am I always stuck in here?

The Florida grandchildren

It's my turn to hold her

Catherine Brook and I

Meagan from South Carolina

Day after Disney World

Michele's Easter solo

The following faces belong to fellow photographers or Technical Support personnel. They were taken at the Annual meeting of Lifetouch Portrait Studios in Minneapolis, MN. long ago and far away. Most names I don't remember, but where I do remember the name it is listed.

Jack D'Ambrosio


Charlie of Tech support

Sandra serving

That serve was in!

Ernie and company

Sea Cruise?

Sandra dressed up

Watching the game

Shake WHAT?

Shake your booty!

Tech service on the phone
This man taped everything that moved for seven days.
And everyone there recieved a 40 minute video of the weeks events.

Starting the lake cruise

Learning the Tush push

Pauline and friends

Videoman again with helper?

Hey, let's get going!

Hey! could you lossen that rope?

Jack as the Skipper with Gilligan

More smiles

Music is "Look At Us"

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