Once you were my greatest loss
But now my greatest find.
If not those many years ago,
Then now's the perfect time
To finally know, and love and share
The lives we've led apart.
To laugh and cry and talk and live
Within each other's heart.
To build and learn and bond
And be what we have not
To discover our lives anew
And love for which we've fought.
After thirty-seven years of void
It's way past time we oughta
Have that precious relationship
A father and a daughter.
Her name was Tammie Marie at birth. Her name is Mary Catherine now. Born October 19, 1966.
I'd been searching for her since about 1993. She found me on January 5, 2004. She's completed my life by filling a void that has existed for 37 years. Mary, I'm so very happy to have you in my life. Thank you.
Love always,
Here are some other photos I received from Mary in the mail. In addition for finding Mary, I've gained two more grandchildren. Jeremy and Nicole, whose photos are included here.

Jeremy, grandson, age 8

Nicole, granddaughter, age 6

Jeremy and Nicole, soccerkids

Mary in First Grade

Mary in Fifth Grade
Mary's Poem: The Past 37 Years

Music is "Somewhere"

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