by Rici Ailshire-Shafer

I have seen your name but never your face
I search the crowds in each new place.
I know you well yet not at all
I wonder a silly thought, if you're short or tall.
I search for you each place I go
I hear from each contact the answer NO
I feel that it will be YES this time
I know the logic but in my heart is a rhyme
I pick up the phone to call - it's just too fun
I see your name upon a list - there is only one!
I am ready for rejection - again I am wrong
I can feel in my soul a familiar song.
I know before a word is spoken, love is on the other end.
I have found my heart's ultimate friend.
I have found you my sister at just the right time.
I can hear you say YES when I ask "are you mine?"
You talk to me of what's long in the past, what is new.
You say there is no anger, no payment due.
You bring to me only joy, peace, and unconditional love.
You agree with me we had help from above.
You let me laugh and let me cry
You offer a eulogy for when I die!
You expect nothing but honesty in return.
You hand over your heart even though questions burn.
You feel so real and oh so right,
You help me burn the cyber space each night!
You tell me your history, how you life has been
You tell where you have gone and what you have seen.
You tell me so much and I tell you more
You and I are like kids in a candy store!
You tell of your family and that you are fine,
You tell me the best words, you are mine!

***For Merrilee***

This is You & I, With Love - Forever and Always!
NOTE: After many years of searching for her siblings Rici finally found them. The key was her sister Merrilee. So this story has a happy ending. But many adoptees and their birthparents still are prevented from locating their birth families because of archaic laws, which make it nearly impossible for them to obtain crucial information. Please support Open Adoption Record Laws in your State.

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