Fairy Magic

by Charisma

Inside glimmer of luna's gleam
she spreads her fragile wings
a gentle breeze lifts her up in flight
graceful like a dream

Wand of magic in her hand
she flies with fairy?s elegance
twirls within abounded joy
freely upon a silver beam
this trinket of wonderland

How she lighted up this night
fairy?s magical moments
see how fireflies enlighten her path
her fragile figure encircled
by these twinkle kisses of light

She floats upon sorcery sounds
guided by hush of twilight
enchanting silver voices
murmuring lullabies
while silence gently surrounds

Inside glimmer of luna's gleam
she spreads her fragile wings
fluttering freely upon a breeze
pouring grains of magic sand
sorceress of sweet dreams

The poet is Trees A. Makatita-Poortmann, who is Shyrena, who is Charisma. A very talented lady, residing in The Netherlands, who writes in three languages. Her poetry can be seen at her Realm of My Heart website.
Click her picture or the link below.

Trees was also my hostess during my visit to The Netherlands on my trip around the world. She and her family went above and beyond the call of hospitality to make me feel at home. Thanks, Trees. And Thank you for the warm friendship, which spans the ocean, and for the lovely poems you wrote andespecially for the one used on David's memorial page. Knuffels from across the Atlantic.

Music is "Furelise"

Her Website is Realm of my Heart

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